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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to Export Query as XML - SQL Server 2008

Save Recordset as XML using Select Query in SQL Server 2008

Let us consider the a table (shown below) with couple of columns that needs to be exported as XML

The following query

SELECT TOP 1000 [TrainID] as 'TrainNum'


FROM [OnlineTrans].[dbo].[TrainMaster] for XML PATH

Is used for generating a XML 
 On the other hand, If you want to have a meaningfully named element instead of , you need to specify the same in the query. The following query has the row element as well as the root element

SELECT TOP 1000 [TrainID] as 'TrainNum'


FROM [OnlineTrans].[dbo].[TrainMaster] for XML path ('TrainInfo'), root ('ParentInfo')

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